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Speaking as an American, I have to love the bureaucratic mandarins who are absolutely determined to reduced the United Kingdom to a country with the military capabilities of a Denmark – while still insisting on spending billions of pounds on “international development” to countries who don’t need the money or who should be giving international aid themselves (i.e., India). Your current Tory government is guilty of leaving your country with not-even-minimal military capabilities in a world that is growing more and more dangerous every week.


Not even minimal military capabilities? The UK can still deploy a division sized force overseas, the maximum effort post cuts being around 30,000 personnel, which is twice the number that the French military can deploy. The only nation that can deploy a larger force is of course the US. The RAF can deploy an Expeditionary Air Wing that would include 30-40 Typhoons and Tornado GR4s, ISTAR platforms like Sentinel R1, Shadow R1 & Reaper UAVs, plus C-17s, C-130s, A330 Voyagers and in the future A400Ms. The RN despite the doom mongers is one of only three navies that can deploy a brigade from the sea, and has some of the most capable platforms in any fleet eg Astute class SSNs, Type 45 AAW destroyers, T23 ASW frigates, Hunt & Sandown class mine-hunters, the superb Merlin Mk2 ASW helo etc. Even before the QE’s enter service few navies could match the force projection capability of the RN’s RFTG that would include for an operational deployment:
HMS Ocean (Commando carrier)
Albion class LPD
2 Bay class LSDs
2 TLAM capable SSNs
2 Type 45 destroyers
4 Type 23 frigates
plus RFA replenishment & support vessels.
So the reality is a bit different to a lot of the hysterical nonsense written in the media, yes there are capability gaps, but to say the UK does not have “minimal military capabilities” is utter nonsense.


Those Typhoons,A400s and Tornados won’t be worth much if you can’t get basing or overflight permission.

Tide Watch

Oh how right you are Publicus – but what do you expect from a “Welfare” obsesed state? Even when we mortgage 2/3 of the navy to finance the building of this pair of 65,000 ton carriers, the politicians opt for the ridiculous jump jet configuration which is dependent solely on the eventual proving of the F35B – the most expensive, least capable of the three types; this instead of a proper strike version, with ‘Cats and Traps’, having the the alternative full range of available maritine aircraft (Not to mention AEW!). If you just want jump jets, the optimum size would be 30,000 tons – and we could have had three of them for the same price. Of course, we do not have sufficient escorts for the associated battle groups either. . . .
Never mind, we are at the top the league for “Overseas Aid” !

Ian Flude

You don’t have to be an American to know how ALL the political parties have destroyed the armed forces of this nation, but the Royal Navy in particular has been cut well beyond the bone. It will not change until this country is staring defeat in the face, and by then it will be too late.

criss of tring

Again government incompetence,

considering the new carriers are years away, surely at the very least David, could have waited at least till the end of 2017/8

but as usual we lack a government with a backbone, but with brilliant excuses,
as you Americans once said, A nation of loins led by donkeys??
sadly these donkeys are still running the British military.

but hey guys, not to worry, 11 billion for overseas aid is going well…..


You so-called defence experts think money grows on trees or that security is only by brute force. And fail to acknowledge there was a financial crisis.