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None detected since 1968? Well if any had been or continue to be ,the nation with the means to do so would keep this capability close to its chest rather than shout it from the rooftops. We must also bear in mind that now with nimrod gone the ballistic missile subs leaving their Scottish base are very probaly under observation by varous intelligence agencys either from shore and/or by covert sensors on the sea bed near by. Every noise they make and every signal they send will of of immense value and carefully logged. Perhaps blunting britains nuclear manhood?

Mal Ev

JP, SSBNs do not send signals while “on station” or when they are travelling to or from their areas of deployment. At least they never used to when I served on them.

Robert devitt

While on patrol on the doughnut or dreadnought at the end of the 70s we had a reactor scram , pretty normal for the doughnut, about 1 minute later we detected a resolution class SSBN on passive ,very close,won’t say where in any detail in case we are still stooging around in that area also when I was on an s boat mid 80s we had a very close encounter up north with a typhoon boat. Tore off our towed array plus stub cable. Supprissed you omitted it from your book,I,m sure MOD still have details

Andrew Mulkani

Having had the honour to serve in HM Submarines in the 50’s, I am saddened to see our Navy being emasculated by politicians who are lacking in both judgement and vision. I can only hope that our nation will wake up to the dangers facing us before it is too late. It is depressing to see countries such as China and India, have navies larger than our own.

L Morant

Hi Andrew,

In regards to your comment, I am trying to track down what sub my father served on in the 50s. He is listed in personnel books as active 56-58 (Engineer Officers, Acting Sub Lt) but I cannot for the life of me find even a list of active subs during that time. I was wondering if you might have any leads or ideas, and be able to help?

I am trying to get a bigger picture of our father for myself and my little brother, and he has been gone 5 years this year.

jim james

We must not forget HMS Matapan D43 who was the worlds only surface hunter during the seventies, working with US and UK submarine partners, they kept the peace during the height of the cold war. Although much of the work done by this vessel remains secret, history will show her as a joint US and UK project which kept the world safer on her watch. Freedom has a flavor the protected will never know.

Mal Ev

That is interesting, Jim James. Matapan was the first RN ship I set foot on, in 1966 when she was part of the mothballed fleet. It was a on a “show around” when I was in basic training in Raleigh. I joined submarines in February 1967 and reverted to GS in 1972 so I never realised she had been commissioned and brought into service let alone converted.